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What is bespoke software? 22 April 2018

In this day and age, it’s harder to find a business that doesn’t use any kind of software to run itself than it is to find one that does.  We all rely on information technology in our professional lives. This is a good thing, since software for businesses makes things run much smoother. This is doubly the case for bespoke software.

Also referred to as custom-made, bespoke software is, to put it simply, software that is designed specifically for you. With bespoke software, you can be certain that all your needs are addressed in full simply by virtue of you ordering the development of the package.

Bespoke software is, in essence, the perfect solution for any business

After all, nobody knows your business better than you do, and so nobody understand what it needs better. If you decide to hire a specialist to develop your software for you based on the information you feed them, you are guaranteed to end up with a product that will help your company grow in more ways than you could imagine.

With the help of custom-made software, you can be sure that your package will be constantly updated to accommodate to the evolving needs of your business. You won’t have to pay fees for any new users coming into your company. From the very beginning, the software is considered yours by right and no-one can charge you extra for using it differently.

However, all these benefits may have downsides. Your software won’t be ready right away as developers need time to figure out the right solutions for you and make sure everything is stable and user-friendly. Because of this, the entire package is costlier. The initial cost is greater than what you’d be paying for an off-the-shelf package, since you are covering the entire development of the product, but in the end it evens out, as you’re investing in a product that will help make your company run smoother.

Don’t be discouraged by the wait and the cost – bespoke software is the best way to make your company stand out. Companies run much smoother with software designed specifically to meet all of their needs, and the clients recognise that. Having custom-made software gives you a competitive edge that no other tool can provide.


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We implemented dedicated software in many companies, with particular emphasis on the construction and production. We advise on modeling effective and efficient workflow, building cost estimates and taking into account all aspects of project planning with the optimal use of resources.

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