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How to increase revenue in a construction company? 20 June 2016

When you have a company in the construction, design, or real estate development industry you often get a large amount of information flowing from different sources — subcontractors, clients, and offices. Additionally, there is also a continuing need to monitor the state of the budget. What if the data is too much, and management becomes increasingly difficult? A solution is a project management software that meets all the needs of companies in this sector of the economy.

Dedicated software for the construction industry allows for convenient management and to achieve better financial results. The modern market may necessitate a continuous improvement of the business – execution of orders on time, customer satisfaction, and assumed profits depend on how you organize your work.

Below we describe how to improve the various processes in a construction company.


How to manage documents efficiently?


Modern technologies allow you to organize the flow of documents optimally — especially important when your company receives loads of invoices, permits, letters or designs each day. Only full control over the whole project allows you to safely take further steps. One of the remedies is implementing document management software and creating electronic documents. This allows constructing such a model, which will speed up data transmission, lower administrative costs, increase productivity and reduce the number of errors. E-archive supports a quick search of documents when you need to get to specific data within the selected project; for example during the audit. As a result, it increases the quality of customer service and you become more competitive on the market.


How to plan human resources and production?


Our software also has a module that allows you to create timetables and book resources. Assigning specific tasks to employees is much simpler, as well as ordering the equipment and transport. This functionality is helpful in many tasks, eg. calculation of salaries, controlling the amount of work in comparison to the effects and optimizing the resources in the project. Legible work cards or availability calendar for machines let you improve management and enable faster staff deployment as well as change orders.


How to monitor the budget safely?


Another important aspect is the need to monitor the budget continuously, especially the level of expenditure. It is essential to keep track of expenses, the investments undertaken or to be able to plan contingency fund. Software for construction companies facilitates controlling individual projects, but also the condition of the whole company or group. Preparing a draft budget, rolling plan or multi-stage costs, creating financial reports or shifting project resources in the system is simple and does not take much time. Precise cost data are also presented in a graphical form. It allows you to see important conclusions that support the decision-making process at first glance.


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We implemented dedicated software in many companies, with particular emphasis on the construction and design. We advise on modeling effective and efficient workflow, building cost estimates and taking into account all aspects of project planning with the optimal use of resources.

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