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Create user-friendly apps 20 May 2016

On 22th April, our company held a meeting “Modern solutions in the world of UX”. It is a very important subject for us – we create applications for our customers every day. We care about clarity, modern and functional interface – according to the latest guidelines of UX.

Our work colleagues, Damian and Sebastian took a part in UX Poland- one of the largest conferences of User Experience. So it was a great opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge with other team members.

What is UX?

These are all the emotions, experienced by people using a product. We want all our customers have a positive approach to goods or services to them, so it is worth to learn about the factors affecting just such feelings.

During Sebastian’s presentation, who deals with UX in our company every day, he pointed out the great importance of enhancing the quality of the visual layer; no matter how valuable the information we want to provide to our customers, first of it must be clear and simple for them. An experienced designer can select right colours, type of fonts and manage all the elements so that the whole thing looks clear and pleasing to the eye. Even when we read a complex report with multiple statistics.

Why design an application in accordance with the UX is the responsibility?

Designer, after defining customer’s model, creates how they will support existing business processes, that’s way is so important of such person to be responsible in creating intuitive user interfaces.
It is very important to know the person that we design an application or website for (our Customer). It is worth to choose a company who is willing to identify the needs of our customers and employees and suggest customized solutions.

Another element that must be considered in the design, there are new technologies. Touch screens of mobile devices is just one of elements that will describe the future – our and our customers. As we want to offer the best solution for users, we must also adapt to the changing reality. Perhaps the design of our website was modern several years ago, but it might be a time for a change now?

Check before you launch an application in the world

Damian, who is responsible for testing the application, was telling about the methods like eye tracking and A / B testing. With a relatively simple and widely available solutions, we are able to verify that our product will be friendly to customers. If not -we know what features needs to be improved and where. Tests allow you to save time and money.

To summarize: When you create tools for customer contact, the most important is to listen their opinions and needs. With the help of experienced experts we can customize existing applications, as well as develop completely new solutions. When considering how our application or website will work in practice, often is not so easy – but we have the possibility to test their ideas before the product launch on the market. It is always an advantage for them!

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