manufacturing software uk london

manufacturing software uk london

Software for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing is faster and more profitable when you can easily see the bottlenecks and prospects for your company. Manufacturing software Comarch ERP XL takes all data and transforms it quickly into easily understandable, legible insights.

There is no need to search through or merge multiple spreadsheets. You are just one-click away from effortlessly accessible key information.

Thanks to the best use of resources, your efficiency in the production process and quality improvement will maximize. You can also determine exact costs of production and plan ahead.

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Manufacturing software generates measurable benefits:

manufacturing software_benefits
  • 15% revenue from the sale,
  • 18% work efficiency,
  • 23% value of stocks,
  • 24% decreasing the number of overdue receivables,
  • 25% the efficiency of the accounting department,
  • 36% improving the order completion time,
  • 42% number of order completion,
  • 48% reducing the time required for document processing,
  • 87% reducing the time required for preparing reports.

Optimization of the production processes

manufacturing software

Defining technology of product manufacturing – you can create many individual technology versions (e.g. for different contractors) and several technologies, which can be also combined.

Product Configuration – supports production and sales processes of products for individual orders.

Strategic and operation planning – you can visualize production schedule with the use of Gantt chart, modify planned operation time on the Gantt chart (“drag and drop”).

production schedule
Plan of work centres load

Master Production Schedule (MPS) – lets you create an agenda taking into consideration for planning periods and cross-section analysis of product demand. It enables balancing material requirements needed to manufacture products.

Completion of production, supervision and reporting – register a complete or partial production operation. Preview an operation and its completion for an indicated work station, employee, and team within a specific time interval, etc.

Production settlement – get to know an exacting cost estimation of a manufactured product. Production order settlement can be done according to fixed or actual prices.

Manufacturing software as a competitive advantage


  • adapting to new manufacturing methods
  • synchronizing multiple processes
  • monitoring and maintaining equipment
  • planning ahead for production changes


  • machine utilization
  • scheduling
  • resource allocation
  • order processing


  • quality controls
  • on-time delivery
  • tracking of the entire manufacturing process
  • customer satisfaction


  • waste, downgrade and rework
  • the cost of internal and external failure
  • unplanned downtime
  • unnecessary wait time

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“Cooperation was very good. Kotrak was showing an excellent understanding of our business needs.

We can recommend Kotrak as a competent and experienced supplier of IT solutions.”

Adam Zaremba, De Heus

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We offer you:

  • full scalability – with the expansion of the company, the system can be developed without obstacles
  • professional support and reduction of implementation time thanks to a proven model
  • software available on a monthly subscription as an option of application licensing within the SaaS model (Software as a Service)
  • rapid response to your demands

Learn how we can help you improve the efficiency and profitability of your manufacturing company


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Learn how we can help you improve

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Many functions

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Comarch ERP XL:

  • integrates all areas of company’s activities into one IT tool; it may be implemented in all key areas of company activity (logistics, production, commercial and accountancy processes, management reports, etc.)
  • it optimizes production processes, regardless whether the end product is manufactured once the customer places the order (MTO – make to order) or products are manufactured based on demand forecasts (MTS – make to stock)
  • lets you track, measure, and monitor your business to achieve process excellence
  • has a flexible modular design – individual functionalities are grouped in several areas that are interlinked with each other
  • expands the possibilities of a standard ERP system
  • is fully adapted to national and international economic realism

Modular design

  • Projects, contracts
  • Service, repairs, and maintenance
  • Analysis and reports
  • Trade and logistics
  • On-line B2B platform
  • Electronic document inter-exchange (EDI)
  • Sale with the assistance of mobile application
  • On-line store and on-line shop interlinked with Comarch ERP XL
  • Warehouse management and high bays warehouse (WMS)
  • CRM
  • Automation of work and documents flow
  • Finance and accountancy
  • Fixed assets
  • Human resources
  • Comarch ERP e-employee
  • Ibard24 – sharing and data archiving

Start increasing your profits!

Fill in the form to get free online demo:

Start increasing your profit!

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Join us!

Based on many years of experience, we implement the project according to a plan, delivering the product faster and efficiently migrating from one system to another.

Our manufacturing software is tailored specifically for the manufacturing environment.

Adding our innovative thinking ensures that your company will benefit from implementing the system.

Meet us to get more information about the best solution for your business!

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worldwide implementations


  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Czech Republic
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Great Britain
  • India
  • Italy
  • Myanmar
  • The Netherlands
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  • Poland
  • Portugal
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  • South Africa
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