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Software for construction companies

With Kotrak’s construction software, you can say goodbye to time management difficulties. With our help, managing all your projects, as well as any other aspect of your construction, will feel effortless.

Our construction project management software is designed specifically to support you from top to bottom. From analysis, through implementation, up to product management, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

We can help you construct a cohesive documentation system for the company, collecting all the necessary documents in one place and allowing for a very solid workflow based on the individual needs of the clients. Even very old documents can be located in a manner of seconds!

By using our software designed for construction companies, you can expect an improved organisation in certain key areas, such as your workflow, project management, budgeting, and many others. You will be able to utilise full business intelligence and a large database, models for business processes, etc. Kotrak’s construction management software also offers full IT system integration and customised sector-specific solutions.

Kotrak construction software

Software implementation can be confusing and time consuming.

That’s why we support you from the initial analysis, through implementation and product management, from beginning to end.

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Our dedicated developer team will keep guard over the solutions you choose.

Kotrak construction software can be accessed from all your devices. Furthermore it is possible to manage your project flow even if you’re offline.

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Benefits of Kotrak construction software

Our construction software effectively supports the organisation in many functional areas:

  • workflow
  • project management
  • controlling, planning
  • budgeting
  • Business Intelligence and database warehouse
  • Business process modelling
  • customized sector-specific solutions
  • IT systems integration

Kotrak construction software – key features

Budget Manager

Budget Manager is a budgeting tool for freely-defined parameters within various business area. It creates budget structure and distributes planning tables to appropriate users.

Both online and offline budgeting is possible securing full consistency and consolidation of data.

They will be accomplished in a intuitive and user-friendly way. All documents, contracts, orders, invoices or sketches will be automatically assigned to the tasks and available to any person involved at every stage of the process.

Project Manager

Project Manager – an advanced module for preparing and managing Project tasks and documents.

It accumulates all necessary information in Project Manager Panel and allows for importing and preparing Project’s cost estimate – a document that shall constitute a basis for budget and project schedule.


is a component of our Business Intelligence Platform, an innovative informatics tool designed to entourage the management of projects, processes, resources and budgets.

Workflow Module is able to run as a stand-alone application or as a part of broader functional Platform.


Data Viewer Module – makes possible for a business user to create, store, manage and distribute business data using predefined reports.

Alert mechanisms automates distribution of relevant business information to appropriate users in a predefined user-friendly form.

Reports managing:

  • Permissions managing
  • Reports subscriptions
  • Automatically distribution

Different report types:

  • Pivot Table (cross table)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Reporting Services
  • Indicative Reports
  • URL Reports
  • Alerts e-mail – AGENT

Time Tracking

A tool for scheduling and time registration of company resources. It can communicate with other electronic time tracking systems (GPS, etc)

Data Integration

Consolidates data from different sources (ERP, CRM, Excel files, archived data)

Data Transformation

Data Transformation Module facilitates and automates the way you integrate and provide the data from multiple sources to a data warehouse.

Data Modeller

Allows data modeling accordingly to controlling methods i.e. cost accounting, Activity based costing (ABC), Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Balanced Scorecard (BSC), etc.

Business Portal (IBP B2B)

A special Web Client for Workflow and reporting modules. It can be used as a Business to Business solution to cooperation between companies.

Multidimensional Analytical Data Marts

World of business departments and functions – multidimensional department, function – oriented or specific purpose – defined sets of analytical data, etc.

Our clients

  • We are pleased to recommend the company Kotrak as a reliable supplier and integrator of systems.

    Leszek Pikiewicz, Co-Owner Limax

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